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Undead Prophecies
Sempiternal Void

Undead Prophecies - Sempiternal Void

Undead Prophecies (initially named Undead) was founded by five individuals back from the dead with a similar musical vision. They decided to gather reviving forces in order to honor authentic old school death metal as initially mastered by bands like Possessed, Morbid Angel, Celtic Frost, Master, Obituary, and Death. Undead Prophecies are now unleashing their second album Sempiternal Void. Their own version of Venom’s “Warhead” appears as a bonus track on the CD and is also being issued as a special 7-inch EP gathering more exclusive cover tracks in a limited edition mail-order box set.

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"Unholy Entity"


  1. 1. I Summon Demons
  2. 2. Suffocated / Vanity
  3. 3. Insidious Manipulations
  4. 4. The Souls I Haunt
  5. 5. Unholy Entity
  6. 6. Devoured
  7. 7. Circle Of Conspiracy
  8. 8. Above The Claws Of Doom
  9. 9. Throne Of Void
  10. 10. Warhead (CD Bonus Track)