New Releases For February 19, 2013

Two Hours Traffic
Foolish Blood

Two Hours Traffic - Foolish Blood

Two Hours Traffic's specialty has always been unforgettable pop melodies. Now, with a revamped lineup and a new producer behind the board, the award-winning Charlottetown band have honed their craft and created their catchiest, most focused album to date, Foolish Blood.

To launch this album Two Hours Traffic will be hitting the road with fellow Canadians Rah Rah for an extensive tour of US and Canada (including showcases at SXSW).

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"Amour Than Amis"


  1. 1. Magic
  2. 2. Audrey
  3. 3. Amour Than Amis
  4. 4. Last Star
  5. 5. Meaning Of Love
  6. 6. I Don't Want 2 Want U
  7. 7. Adventureland
  8. 8. Faster 4 U
  9. 9. Ready For A Look
  10. 10. Strangers On The Street
  11. 11. O My Love