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Twisted Sister
Club Daze: The Studio Sessions Vol. 1 (Reissue)

Twisted Sister - Club Daze: The Studio Sessions Vol. 1 (Reissue)

Before becoming one of the world's most intense metal bands, Twisted Sister did their time in the clubs in and around Long Island and New York City. From 1972 to 1982, they won over fans in bars, while refining their stage act, setting attendance records in over 50 clubs and developing the songs that would go on to be fan favorites for nearly 30 years. Club Daze, Vol. 1 reflects this fertile period for the band. Originally released by Spitfire Records in 1999, Club Daze, Vol. 1 marks the beginning of a landmark year of 2011, which will see the reissue of a number of classic Twisted Sister albums, along with several never before seen DVD projects.

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"Rock N Roll Saviors"


  1. 1. Come Back
  2. 2. Pay The Price
  3. 3. Rock N Roll Saviors
  4. 4. High Steppin'
  5. 5. Big Gun
  6. 6. T.V. Wife
  7. 7. Can't Stand Still
  8. 8. Follow Me
  9. 9. I'll Never Grow Up, Now!
  10. 10. Lady's Boy
  11. 11. Leader Of The Pack
  12. 12. Under The Blade
  13. 13. Shoot 'Em Down

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