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Turzi - B

B is the second part of Turzi's alphabetic album trilogy. The teutonic rock of debut album, A, that made eyes at Morricone in frenetic style, has become altogether more ambitious. The rudimentary techno flourishes of inspirational leader, Romain Turzi meet the taut, menacing prowess of his band, Four Organ, in a project with global designs. A psychedelic record colored by the use of a variety of eastern instruments (sitar, bouzouki, cimbalom) alongside more traditional rock devices. Sinister vocals arrive courtesy of Romain along with collaborations from Bobby Gillespie (Primal Scream) and Brigitte Fontaine.

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"Baltimore (Featuring Bobby Gillespie)"


  1. 1. Beijing
  2. 2. Buenos Aires
  3. 3. Bombay
  4. 4. Bethlehem
  5. 5. Baltimore (Featuring Bobby Gillespie)
  6. 6. Brasilia
  7. 7. Bangkok
  8. 8. Baden Baden
  9. 9. Bogota
  10. 10. Bamako (Featuring Brigitte Fontaine)