New Releases For May 18, 2018


TT - LoveLaws

TT, also known as Theresa Wayman, vocalist and guitarist of Warpaint, has released her debut solo album. LoveLaws reflects Wayman’s personal growth and growth as a musician over the past 14 years, as well as enabling her to explore ideas that are otherwise difficult in a band setting. LoveLaws is written by a mother of a 12-year-old son “coming from a position of what it’s like to have and to get unconditional love.” The album is also about the ups and downs of romance, viewed through Wayman’s experience as a traveling musician, where the routine can be maddening in its loneliness and where relationships are difficult.

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"Love Leaks"


  1. 1. Mykki
  2. 2. I’ve Been Fine
  3. 3. Love Leaks
  4. 4. The Dream
  5. 5. Tutorial
  6. 6. Dram
  7. 7. Safe
  8. 8. Sassafras Interlude
  9. 9. Take One
  10. 10. Too Sweet