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Trust Company
Dreaming In Black And White

Trust Company - Dreaming In Black And White

On their new album, Dreaming in Black and White, Trust Company branches off in exciting new directions while retaining the overpowering combination of intense hard rock and irresistible melodies that will delight both the hardcore base of fans that have been waiting patiently for years for their return. Produced by Chuck Alkazian the album is less a return to form than it is the truest representation of the band ever captured on record.

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"Heart In My Hands"


  1. 1. Close Your Eyes (Til It's Over)
  2. 2. Heart In My Hands
  3. 3. Almost There
  4. 4. Stumbling
  5. 5. Reverse & Remember
  6. 6. Pulling You Down
  7. 7. Alone Again
  8. 8. Dreaming In Black & White
  9. 9. Letting Go
  10. 10. Skies Will Burn
  11. 11. We Are The Ones
  12. 12. Don't Say Goodbye