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True Widow

True Widow - Avvolgere

Avvolgere blurs the boundaries between the heft of stoner rock, the droning atmosphere of shoegaze, and the twangy catchiness of blues and indie rock. Avvolgere has True Widow sounding more infectious and consummate than ever before.

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  1. 1. Back Shredder
  2. 2. Theurgist
  3. 3. F. W. T. S: L. T. M.
  4. 4. The Trapper And The Trapped
  5. 5. O. O. T. P. V.
  6. 6. Entheogen
  7. 7. To All That He Elong
  8. 8. Sante
  9. 9. Grey Erasure
  10. 10. What Finds Me

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