New Releases For August 7, 2012

Troy Sneed
All Is Well

Troy Sneed - All Is Well

Singer, songwriter, producer, label owner, Grammy nominee & Stellar Award winner describes this phenomenal man of God. The title track and first radio single, 'All Is Well,' peaked at #14 on the Billboard Hot Gospel Songs Chart. Now, the new radio single 'Lay It Down' is rocketing up the Billboard charts destined to become an even greater hit. Troy Sneed delivers heartfelt inspirational messages from song to song on his new release All Is Well.

TAGS: Gospel

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"Lay It Down"


  1. 1. All Is Well
  2. 2. I Know You Hear Me
  3. 3. Lay It Down
  4. 4. Song For You
  5. 5. Absolutely Awesome
  6. 6. For Who You Are
  7. 7. In Your Presence
  8. 8. God Will Show Up
  9. 9. Bless The Lord
  10. 10. Have Your Way
  11. 11. Mighty God

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