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Tropics - Rapture

The new album from Tropics, aka 27 year-old Chris Ward, looks outwards, armed with a newfound confidence that foregrounds his vocal performance and songwriting. A multi-instrumentalist from an early age, Ward has always drawn on his musical upbringing when composing, but this time around he’s pushed himself to develop a fuller sound than ever. Taking influence from Beach Boys, Max Roach and Arthur Russell, Ward has crafted an album that fuses his love of avant-garde percussion, ‘70s and ‘80s singer-songwriters such as Peter Gabriel known for pop-leaning hooks, and deep production that takes cues from ambient music.

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  1. 1. Blame
  2. 2. Hunger
  3. 3. Indigo
  4. 4. Kwiat
  5. 5. Rapture
  6. 6. Perfume Kinship
  7. 7. Torrents Of Spring
  8. 8. Home & Consonance
  9. 9. Gloria
  10. 10. House Of Leaves
  11. 11. Not Enough