New Releases For February 15, 2011

Charlatans At The Garden Gate

Tristen - Charlatans At The Garden Gate

With her warm, guileless vocals and earnest, evocative songwriting, Tristen has emerged as a truly individual talent, bridging genres and emotions to create a distinctive sound all her own. The Chicago born, Nashville-based songstress' American Myth debut, Charlatans At The Garden Gate, is an ambitious and impassioned collection of finely honed modern pop, rich with exquisite arrangements and a remarkably intuitive lyrical approach. Weaving classic country, traditional rock 'n' roll, and reflective singer/songwriter balladry, songs such as the elegiac 'Baby Drugs' and the spectral folk-tinged 'Battle of the Gods' display an exceptional new artist opening herself to the world through heartfelt melodies and glorious hooks.

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"Baby Drugs"


  1. 1. Eager For Your Love
  2. 2. Matchstick Murder
  3. 3. Doomsday
  4. 4. Avalanche
  5. 5. Battle Of The Gods
  6. 6. Baby Drugs
  7. 7. Heart And Hope To Die
  8. 8. Wicked Heart
  9. 9. Tadpole
  10. 10. Special Kind Of Fear
  11. 11. Save Raina

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