New Releases For October 15, 2013


Tristen - Caves

'Tristen is one of the most talented new songwriters in a city full of talented new songwriters. Her addictive debut album is making a splash with its impassioned lyrics and hooky guitar pop that blends country, rockabilly, rock'n'roll, girl group sounds, and introspective balladry - the result of Tristen's passion for pop music.' - SPIN

With her warm, guileless vocals and earnest, evocative songwriting, Tristen has emerged as a true individual, bridging genres and emotions to create a distinctive sound all her own with finely honed modern pop, rich with exquisite arrangements and a remarkably intuitive lyrical approach.

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"No One's Gonna Know"


  1. 1. No One's Gonna Know
  2. 2. Gold Star
  3. 3. Easy Out
  4. 4. Catalyst
  5. 5. Winter Night
  6. 6. House Of War
  7. 7. Dark Matter
  8. 8. Monster
  9. 9. Island Dream
  10. 10. Forgiveness
  11. 11. Startling News

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