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Trevor Rabin
Live In L.A.

Trevor Rabin - Live In L.A.

Live In LA was recorded in late 1989 at a star-studded Roxy Theater show on the Sunset Strip.

Bolstered by keyboardist Mark Mancina, drummer Lou Molino III and bassist Jim Simmons, the collection captures the best performances of two shows on the final night of the Can't Look Away Tour.

The show's version of 'Owner Of A Lonely Heart' leans heavily on audience participation. Another show highlight, 'Love Will Find A Way' from Yes' Big Generator, 'Solly's Beard,' the bonus track on this edition, showcases Rabin's acoustic guitar prowess to great effect.


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"Love Will Find A Way"


  1. 1. Cover Up
  2. 2. Sorrow (Your Heart)
  3. 3. Heard You Cry Wolf
  4. 4. Changes
  5. 5. Eyes Of Love
  6. 6. Love Will Find A Way
  7. 7. Sludge
  8. 8. I Can't Look Away
  9. 9. Owner Of A Lonely Heart
  10. 10. Something To Hold On To
  11. 11. Solly's Beard

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