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Trevor Moore
Drunk Texts To Myself

Trevor Moore - Drunk Texts To Myself

On his debut album, Moore (head writer and performer on the IFC show The Whitest Kids U'Know uses his signature comedic stylings to explain the perils of child pop stardom and uncover the pope's money-making potential. Utilizing genres from rap to metal and country to dub-step, Moore proves that the founding fathers were on drugs and laments the language barriers of being a bear.

Conventional wisdom may consider Tom Hanks the nicest guy in Hollywood, but Moore brings new evidence to the conversation in his exposé 'Tom Hanks Is An Asshole.' Other tracks include 'Time For Guillotines,' 'What About Mouthwash' and the title track 'Drunk Texts To Myself' featuring Reggie Watts.

TAGS: Comedy

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"Tom Hanks Is An Asshole"


  1. 1. Founding Fathers Intro
  2. 2. Founding Fathers Rap
  3. 3. Tom Hanks Is An Asshole
  4. 4. Maybe It's Because
  5. 5. Vatican Radio Intro
  6. 6. The Pope Rap (Modern Day Profit)
  7. 7. Drunk Texts To Myself (Featuring Reggie Watts)
  8. 8. God Hates The Tips
  9. 9. Help Me
  10. 10. What About Mouthwash?
  11. 11. My Mom's A Bitch
  12. 12. Time For Guillotines