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Scratch And Scream

Trauma - Scratch And Scream

Trauma was founded in the Bay Area in 1980 as one of the first of the New Wave of Bay Area metal bands. The original line-up included Michael Overton - guitar, George Lady - guitar, Dennis Shafer - drums, the iconic Cliff Burton (Metallica) - bass guitar, and Donny Hillier - vocals.

The Scratch And Scream album, unavailable before on a legitimate CD issue, has long been considered a hard to obtain, classic heavy metal record. Trauma is recognized by many progressive metal fans as one of the underground classics to come out of the 80's guitar driven metal scene.

Earlier this year, the album received a Retro Recommendation by In January 2013.

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"Scratch And Scream"


  1. 1. The Day All Hell Broke Loose
  2. 2. Bringin' The House Down
  3. 3. I Kill For Less
  4. 4. Scratch And Scream
  5. 5. The Warlock
  6. 6. Lay Low
  7. 7. In The End
  8. 8. We Are Watching You
  9. 9. The Flight Of The Raven
  10. 10. Such A Shame
  11. 11. We're Going Off
  12. 12. Woman Be Gone