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Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players
Lost And Found

Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players - Lost And Found

Hot dog! Step right up and wipe the mustard off your knee, the Trachtenburg's will thrill you with vaudevillian fun and medieval junk store madness. On their second full length release Lost & Found, vintage slide collections are spun to perfection, weaving tales of memories lost... and art found. Lyrical complexities and simplicities make for immediate musical memories featuring 10 all new 'slide songs,' and 3 bonus tracks of spin-off projects. Wheeee.

TAGS: Indie Rock | Pop

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"(Theme From) The Complicated Life"


  1. 1. Open Everyday
  2. 2. Beautiful Dandelion
  3. 3. If We Go
  4. 4. All Over the World
  5. 5. The Indoctrinization Starts Young
  6. 6. Christian Terror
  7. 7. (It Must Be) Somebody's Birthday
  8. 8. Don't You Know What I Mean
  9. 9. (Theme From) The Complicated Life
  10. 10. Look At Me
  11. 11. Givin' Kisses
  12. 12. Cultural Moments In Fine Art
  13. 13. You're the One Whose Made For Me and I Was Made For You
  14. 14. Candy City Bonus Track
  15. 15. Lorimer Bonus Track
  16. 16. How Powerful The Sun (Bonus Track)