New Releases For October 9, 2012

Spaces In Between

Tracer - Spaces In Between

Following a successful European tour in late 2009, Tracer returned from their native Australia and headed to Europe once again in 2010 to take a showcase slot at Germany's PopKomm Music Conference in Berlin. Immediately after their second tour the band went into the studio, recording their debut LP, Spaces In Between, a 12 track in-your-face album that lingers in your head and showcases Tracer's massive musical muscle and talent.

'A high-energy mix of stoner anthems, biker attitude, and classic power trio rock...a big future is surely in front of them.' - Classic Rock Magazine

'These Aussie riff-heavy rockers know how to bring it...' - Metal Hammer

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"Too Much"


  1. 1. Too Much
  2. 2. Push
  3. 3. Walk Alone
  4. 4. Louder Than This
  5. 5. Devil Ride
  6. 6. The Bitch
  7. 7. Voice In The Rain
  8. 8. Spaces In Between
  9. 9. Dead Inside
  10. 10. Save My Breath
  11. 11. All In My Head
  12. 12. Won't Let It Die (Run Mary)