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Townes Van Zandt
High, Low And In Between

Townes Van Zandt - High, Low And In Between

In 1972, Townes Van Zandt cut two perfect albums, one of them being High, Low and in Between. This album with minimal backing keeps the spotlight on Van Zandt's vocals and his songwriting.

The record includes 'To Live Is to Fly,' the song Van Zandt considered his best, 'No Deal,' an absurd hard luck blues, a couple of gospel songs, 'Mr. Gold and Mr. Mud,' one of his most baffling poetic tunes, and the title track, an aching tale of heartache and confusion.

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"To Live Is To Fly"


  1. 1. Two Hands
  2. 2. You Are Not Needed Now
  3. 3. Greensboro Woman
  4. 4. Highway Kind
  5. 5. Standin'
  6. 6. No Deal
  7. 7. To Live Is To Fly
  8. 8. When He Offers His Hand
  9. 9. Mr. Mudd And Mr. Gold
  10. 10. Blue Ridge Mountains
  11. 11. High, Low And In Between

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