New Releases For April 12, 2011

Too Late The Hero
Statement Of Purpose

Too Late The Hero - Statement Of Purpose

Portland, Maine's Too Late The Hero have been steadily building a name for themselves since forming in 2003. While you may not have heard of the band yet, that's all about to change with the release of Statement of Purpose, a screamy, moshy hard rock album that the Warped Tour crowd will easily gravitate towards. Too Late The Hero's sonic offerings vacillate between heavy and heartfelt and are artsy with their angst. Their songs are so memorable that it becomes impossible to expel or expunge them from your brain; they are catchier than a raging case of the flu, as the band deftly mixes metal with melody in a way that just might inspire you to get off your ass and do something. Statement Of Purpose is the first release on the newly formed ReThink Records which was started by Lamb Of God drummer Chris Adler.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"Hold Your Applause"


  1. 1. Hold Your Applause
  2. 2. Still Insists She Sees The Ghosts
  3. 3. Life As Fiction
  4. 4. The Hunt
  5. 5. Dead And Gone
  6. 6. The Ground Is Lava
  7. 7. Statement Of Purpose
  8. 8. Scary How Fast
  9. 9. Left As Your Reflection
  10. 10. Requiem Of A Scenester
  11. 11. Wicked Self