New Releases For May 5, 2017

Tony Jackson
Tony Jackson

Tony Jackson - Tony Jackson

Tony Jackson has spent the last year on the fast track in Nashville recording his much-touted debut album, Tony Jackson. Chock full of traditional country gems like George Jones’ “The Grand Tour” and Conway Twitty’s “Its Only Make Believe,” Jackson’s vocals are the star of the show. Supported by Country Music and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame members (Vince Gill, Steve Cropper and John Sebastian), the album was recorded at the hallowed RCA Studios on Music Row now serving as ground zero for the home for the new traditional country sound.

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"Nashville Cats"


  1. 1. Go
  2. 2. Nashville Cats
  3. 3. The Grand Tour
  4. 4. I Didn’t Wake Up This Morning
  5. 5. Old Porch Swing
  6. 6. Drink By Drink
  7. 7. It’s Only Make Believe
  8. 8. She’s Taking Me Home
  9. 9. Such A Night
  10. 10. They Lived It Up
  11. 11. Do I Ever Cross Your Mind?
  12. 12. Last Call