New Releases For May 21, 2013

Tony Adamo
Miles Of Blu

Tony Adamo - Miles Of Blu

Tony Adamo / Gil-Scott Heron / Mark Murphy / Jack Kerouac

On his latest effort, and debut recording for Random Act Records, Tony Adamo has created a unique genre: 'HipSpokenWord.' Built on the wisdom of musical wizards like Gil-Scott Heron, Mark Murphy, Jack Kerouac and hip/hop master rappers, Tony speaks the truth through his poetic musings. With preeminent players like producer Mike Clark (drums), Richie Goods (bass), Delbert Bump (organ), Michael Wolff (piano), Bill Summers (percussion) and Tim Ouimette, Rob Dixon, Derek Gardner and even Tower of Power's own physician of the funk, Stephen 'Doc' Kupka.

This release will turn heads and blow minds: told in the hippest of ways. Tony speaks/sings his way through the urban landscapes of jazz, funk and soul.

TAGS: Jazz | Spoken Word

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"Sun Ra Rockets To Mars"


  1. 1. JB
  2. 2. Miles Of Blu
  3. 3. Funkin' At The Chickin' Shack
  4. 4. America R We Free?
  5. 5. BBQ
  6. 6. The Power Of Funky Maddness
  7. 7. Soul Vaccination
  8. 8. Don't Change Horses
  9. 9. Ain't That A Groove
  10. 10. Jack Kerquac, Jack!
  11. 11. Sun Ra Rockets To Mars
  12. 12. What Is Hip?
  13. 13. The Other Side Of Time
  14. 14. Ticking Clock