New Releases For August 10, 2018

At Weddings

Tomberlin - At Weddings

“A personal, poignant, and often crushing undertaking, At Weddings is a remarkable collection of songs... a stark and stirring reminder of the true power of vulnerability and sensitivity.” - GoldFlakePaint

Born in Jacksonville, Florida, and now based in Louisville, Kentucky, Tomberlin wrote most of At Weddings while living with her family in southern Illinois. The daughter of a Baptist pastor, Tomberlin found herself questioning her faith, her identity, and her purpose in the world. In songwriting, she found lucidity she had trouble articulating otherwise. When she was 19, she wrote "Tornado" and began to gain confidence in her music.

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  1. 1. Any Other Way
  2. 2. Untitled 1
  3. 3. Tornado
  4. 4. You Are Here
  5. 5. A Video Game
  6. 6. I'm Not Scared
  7. 7. Seventeen
  8. 8. Self-Help
  9. 9. Untitled 2
  10. 10. February

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