New Releases For October 22, 2013

Tom Harrell
Colors Of A Dream

Tom Harrell - Colors Of A Dream

After a full career which has spanned decades without a lull Tom Harrell is as busy as ever. Here he introduces a new, project which supplements his working quintet with two new additions - saxophonist Jaleel Shaw and bassist/singer Esperanza Spalding.

Esperanza can be heard lending her voice to a number of Tom's impressive compositions, sometimes using it in a such way that it takes on the role of an instrument and also delivering a wonderfully unique version of his popular 'Sail Away' in Portuguese ('Velejar'). Colors Of A Dream is perhaps Harrell's most imaginative recording to date.

TAGS: Jazz

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"Goin' Out"


  1. 1. Tango
  2. 2. Velejar (Sail Away)
  3. 3. Phantasy In Latin
  4. 4. State
  5. 5. Seventy
  6. 6. Blues 2013
  7. 7. Nite Life
  8. 8. Even If
  9. 9. Walkway
  10. 10. Family
  11. 11. Goin' Out