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Tom Braxton
The Next Chapter

Tom Braxton - The Next Chapter

The Next Chapter presents Tom Braxton at his best from up-tempo grooves to reflective ballads. When listening to the record, it's easy to feel the love, joy and positive energy that is inherent in the music.

The CD features guitarist Peter White and Grammy winners Bob James, Earl Klugh and Ricky Lawson. Tom is showcased on soprano, alto and tenor saxophones, as well as flute and keyboards. In addition to serving as producer on the project, Braxton has written and arranged most of the material.

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"The Next Chapter"


  1. 1. The Next Chapter
  2. 2. Tuesday Morning
  3. 3. I'll Be Around
  4. 4. Sunrise In Malawi (Featuring Earl Klugh)
  5. 5. New Horizons
  6. 6. Make It With You (Featuring Peter White)
  7. 7. I Love Music
  8. 8. Nuevo! (Featuring Bob James)
  9. 9. Contemplation (Featuring Earl Klugh)
  10. 10. It Is Well
  11. 11. I Love Music (Radio Edit)