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Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra - Glorious

From their beginnings in the Japanese club scene, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra rose to fame in their native country and have taken their live show worldwide, performing to festival audiences the world over, including Glastonbury, Supersonico, Coachella, and Vive Latino. TSPO celebrate their 28th anniversary with their 21st studio album, Glorious. The album continues on with their unique mix of ska, jazz, funk, rock and soul. Guest vocal appearances include iLe (from Calle 13), Kosuke Saito (from Japanese electro-pop rockers Unison Square Garden), Toshi-Low (of Japanese punk band Brahman), and Brazilian MCs Emicida and Fioti on “Believer” remixed by DJ FPM (Fantastic Plastic Machine).

TAGS: Alternative | Latin | Ska

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"Believer (Arigato) (Featuring Emicida & Fióti FPM Remix)"


  1. 1. Glorious
  2. 2. Monturo De Blanco Y Negro (Featuring Kosuke Saito)
  3. 3. The Battle Of Tokyo
  4. 4. Te Quiero Con Bugalú (Featuring iLe)
  5. 5. Love You, Cha Cha Cha
  6. 6. Believer (Arigato) (Featuring Emicida & Fióti FPM Remix)
  7. 7. To Fellas With No Ambition (Featuring Toshi-Low)
  8. 8. True Heart
  9. 9. Montuno De Blanco y Negro (Featuring Kosuke Saito) - Mondo Grosso Remix
  10. 10. The Ring