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Todd Dulaney
To Africa With Love

Todd Dulaney - To Africa With Love

To Africa With Love is a passion project birthed out of experiences and encounters with the people of the great continent of Africa. After Dulaney’s first visit to Africa he fell in love with the spirit and fervor of the people. Dulaney became a household name across the continent, in Ghana, Nigeria, and Capetown. To Africa With Love is a product of The Grammy nominated artists’ close ties with Africa.

TAGS: Christian | Gospel | Live

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"You're Doing It All Again"


  1. 1. Dance In The Rain
  2. 2. Your Great Name
  3. 3. The Anthem
  4. 4. Victory Belongs To Jesus
  5. 5. Let It Flow
  6. 6. You're Doing It All Again
  7. 7. King Of Glory
  8. 8. Consuming Fire
  9. 9. Free Worshipper
  10. 10. Unchurched Remix (Bonus Track)

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