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Toby Knapp
Blizzard Archer

Toby Knapp - Blizzard Archer

Signing with Shrapnel Records in 1992 at the unheard of age of 19, Toby Knapp continues to have a productive & prolific career in rock and heavy metal. Recording albums with 20+ of his own bands including Onward, Waxen, Where Evil Follows and Necrytis, a full time guitar teacher and session musician for world class artists including Attila Csihar (Mayhem), Godless Rising, Fetid Zombie, Abhor and more, Toby Knapp has solidified his position as an all-around world-wide guitar hero, virtuoso and legend. Blizzard Archer is mandatory for fans of Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen, Ritchie Blackmore, Uli Roth and Eric Johnson.

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"All Hands Planted"


  1. 1. All Hands Planted
  2. 2. Midnight In Guyana
  3. 3. 13 Astral Gateways
  4. 4. Cold Warrior
  5. 5. The Eye Of Providence
  6. 6. Bear 141
  7. 7. Blizzard Archer
  8. 8. To The Pavilion