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Toadies - Play.Rock.Music.

It's been 23 years since the Toadies started playing rock music in Fort Worth, Texas, Throughout the years the band has experienced nearly everything from lineup changes, to shelved albums and band breakups. The songs on Play.Rock.Music. are some of the best the Toadies have ever released. The trademarks of the band are all present - Lewis' howl, the chugging guitars, the unrepentant angst - but they're also improved upon. Play.Rock.Music. shows off a band in full stride, an outfit with renewed vigor and, perhaps most important, a group with a clear and confident understanding of itself.

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"Summer Of The Strange"


  1. 1. Rattler's Revival
  2. 2. Get Low
  3. 3. Summer Of The Strange
  4. 4. Magic Bullet
  5. 5. Beside You
  6. 6. Animals
  7. 7. Sunshine
  8. 8. Laments Of A Good Man
  9. 9. Epic Castles
  10. 10. We Burned The City Down
  11. 11. The Appeal

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