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Tiki Black
Out Of The Black

Tiki Black - Out Of The Black

Out Of The Black explores the process of moving from silence to expression, using creativity to exorcise fear and pain. Sometimes the lyrics tell the story of a character's trials, like the clown in 'Powder Masks' and sometimes they seem to speak directly to the listener as in 'Free Like Smoke.'

This enigmatic theme is stunningly supported by Tiki's live acoustic instrumentation. It's minimalistic, carried by lush, intimate piano, lifted by delicate strings and worldly percussion. The listening experience is slightly deceptive - a quiet, warm, resonant voice in your ear - but what that voice is saying is powerful and challenging.

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  1. 1. Free Like Smoke
  2. 2. Listen
  3. 3. Swollen
  4. 4. Out Of The Black
  5. 5. Escape
  6. 6. Etna
  7. 7. Le Cinquième Élément (The Fifth Element)
  8. 8. Powder Masks
  9. 9. Silence (No More)
  10. 10. Open Your Eyes