New Releases For March 16, 2010

Tia Fuller
Decisive Steps

Tia Fuller - Decisive Steps

Beyoncé saxophonist Tia Fuller turns the spotlight on herself with Decisive Steps, her sophomore release on Mack Avenue Records.

Tia makes it her mission to translate emotion into sound; ensuring that even in those moments where words cannot articulate, feeling has a voice. Decisive Steps draws influences from many genres -- jazz, blues, and gospel among them -- to create an inspirational and unique sound of its own.

With special guests Sean Jones, Christian McBride, Warren Wolf, and tap dancer Maurice Chestnut. Featuring drummer Kim Thompson, bassist Miriam Sullivan & Shamie Royston on piano and Fender Rhodes.

TAGS: Jazz


  1. Decisive Steps
  2. Windsoar
  3. Ebb & Flow
  4. I Can't Get Started
  5. Kissed By The Sun
  6. Steppin'
  7. Shades of McBride
  8. Clear Mind
  9. Night Glow
  10. My Shining Hour

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