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Thunder Tribe
War Chant

Thunder Tribe - War Chant

Thunder Tribe is a completely fresh and yet familiar sound, combining elements from the last 40 years in rock and metal, one moment you'll hear something from the Beatles or Black Sabbath and the next Alice in Chains or Texas Hippie Coalition, and hints of the greats like Iron Maiden, Zeppelin, Triumph, the Scorpions and yes, even Pink Floyd in their extremely soulful bluesy version of power/prog metal. All in all a net take on and healthy dose of vintage rock infused metal which has been absent for far too long in recent metal.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"War Chant"


  1. 1. More Wicked Than Not
  2. 2. Part Of The Black
  3. 3. Echo's Of A New Day
  4. 4. Saying Goodbye
  5. 5. The Light
  6. 6. Believe
  7. 7. War Chant
  8. 8. It's A Lie
  9. 9. Fly
  10. 10. Above The Blue
  11. 11. Watching It Burn