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Throwing Snow

Throwing Snow - Mosaic

Mosaic is the long-awaited debut album from Throwing Snow, one of the UK's most unique electronic artists. Its title reflects his piecing together of an array of influences, techniques and instrumentation to compose a coherent picture of his musical vision. His guest vocalists - fellow Red Bull Music Academy alumni Adda Kaleh and KNOX; rising Brits Py, Jassy Grez and Russell Morgan; and Virginia's Kid A - contribute traditional song structures, non-lyrical choruses, and pitch-shifted cut-ups. Meanwhile, the album's instrumental tracks include paganistic behemoths, drum-heavy workouts, and blissed-out epics, rounding off a debut LP that is both technically impressive and emotionally beautiful.

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"The Tempest (Featuring Adda Kaleh)"


  1. 1. Avarice
  2. 2. The Tempest (Featuring Adda Kaleh)
  3. 3. Hypnotise (Featuring Kid A)
  4. 4. Linguis
  5. 5. As You Fall (Featuring Py)
  6. 6. Pathfinder
  7. 7. The Void (Featuring Jassy Grez)
  8. 8. Maera (Featuring Adda Kaleh)
  9. 9. All The Lights (Featuring Russell Morgan)
  10. 10. Draugr (Featuring KNOX)
  11. 11. Saltare (Parts 1 & 2)