New Releases For January 21, 2014


Throwdown - Intolerance

Throwdown returns with their first album in four years, a no-holds-barred ambassador of resistance called Intolerance. Unforgiving spite for cowardice, unrepentant proclamations of personal empowerment against oppression of all stripes, old-school hardcore style defiance and adherence to the rhythmic power of aggressive heavy metal continues to define Throwdown on Intolerance, the penultimate blend of the varied strengths that define the band's name.

'Intolerance picks up where 2005's groove-metal-leaning, hardcore-based Vendetta left off - only at the band's current abilities, which have never been stronger.' - Alternative Press

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  1. 1. Fight Or Die
  2. 2. Borrowed Time
  3. 3. Avow
  4. 4. Hardened By Consequence
  5. 5. Defend With Violence
  6. 6. Suffer, Conquer
  7. 7. Cut Away
  8. 8. Intolerance
  9. 9. Without Weakness
  10. 10. Born And Buried Alone
  11. 11. Condemned To Live

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