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Thriving Ivory
Through Yourself & Back Again

Thriving Ivory - Through Yourself & Back Again

Through Yourself & Back Again is the sophomore effort from San Francisco's Thriving Ivory featuring the first single 'Where We Belong.' The band takes a grand interpretation of songwriting, telling a story and conveying drama through instrumentation on the new album. It also reflects the lessons they've learned following the release of their successful self-titled debut released in April 2008. The album, which included the hit single 'Angels On The Moon,' reached #1 on Billboard's Heatseekers chart.

Catch the band on tour this fall with Ed Kowalczyk (Live).


  1. 1. Love Alone
  2. 2. On Your Side
  3. 3. Some Kind of Home
  4. 4. Where We Belong
  5. 5. While the Candle Still Burns
  6. 6. Moonlight
  7. 7. Cobwebs
  8. 8. Run
  9. 9. Motorcade (So Long, So Long)
  10. 10. Come November