New Releases For September 14, 2018


Thrice - Palms

Palms is Thrice’s first release since signing to Epitaph in early 2018, and the album matches its raw passion with a measured intensity, a rare feat for an album so informed by the volatility of the times. “Even though some of these songs are really aggressive sounding, I wanted to make sure they never felt like finger-pointing, especially at a time when there’s so much talking past each other,” says Kensrue. Within that approach, Thrice reveal their profound commitment to making an enduring impact on the listener.

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"The Grey"


  1. 1. Only Us
  2. 2. The Grey
  3. 3. The Dark
  4. 4. Just Breathe
  5. 5. Everything Belongs
  6. 6. My Soul
  7. 7. A Branch In The River
  8. 8. Hold Up A Light
  9. 9. Blood On Blood
  10. 10. Beyond The Pines

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jul 07
    Cheltenham, UK 2000 Trees 2021
  • Sep 17
    Chicago, IL, US Riot Fest 2021
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