New Releases For May 14, 2021

Three-Layer Cake
Stove Top

Three-Layer Cake - Stove Top

Bassist Mike Watt, drummer/percussionist Mike Pride and guitarist/banjoist Brandon Seabrook have all built their careers on kicking down the barriers between genres. Convening for the first time as Three-Layer Cake, they bake up a long-distance set of singular, boundary-defying collaborations on their combustible debut. Stove Top is uncategorizable in the best sense of the word, patching together elements of punk, free jazz, new music, no wave, doom metal, dub, avant-funk, and various subsectors of the experimental in such freewheeling and raucous fashion that the very idea of divvying them up into disparate inspirations seems laughable.

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"Big Burner"


  1. 1. Beatified, Bedraggled And Bombed
  2. 2. Big Burner
  3. 3. A Durable Quest
  4. 4. Shepherds
  5. 5. Tiller
  6. 6. Primary Fuel
  7. 7. Luminous Range-Anxious Valve
  8. 8. Ballad Of The Gobsmacked