New Releases For September 30, 2013

Those Darlins
Blur The Line

Those Darlins - Blur The Line

Blur The Line feels like an eponymous debut. This record is not a departure, nor is it simply growth. It is a realization purely of where Those Darlins are as artists right now. With Blur The Line, Those Darlins take away the labels and constructs that people use to define, categorize and ultimately destroy. They don't want to hide or create some manufactured mystery. They show it, reveal it. That revelation is more powerful than anything else.

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"In The Wilderness"


  1. 1. Oh God
  2. 2. In The Wilderness
  3. 3. That Man
  4. 4. She Blows
  5. 5. Optimist
  6. 6. Drive
  7. 7. Can't Think
  8. 8. Baby Mae
  9. 9. Western Sky
  10. 10. Too Slow
  11. 11. Ain't Afraid