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Thorbjørn Risager & The Black Tornado
Best Of: The Very Best Of The First Two Decades

Thorbjørn Risager & The Black Tornado - Best Of: The Very Best Of The First Two Decades

Comprised of two volumes and 25 songs, which represents the best of Thorbjorn Risager's eleven studio and live albums to date, this compilation invites you to take the scenic route through the career of a fascinating modern bluesman. Volume One spans from 2004 to 2012 and captures the excitement of the beginning, when Risager and his original Blue 7 band put a fresh twist on the R&B of '50s New Orleans.

From his first appearance on the radar back at the turn of the century, when a handful of Danish blues pub-crawlers discovered a diamond in the rough on the circuit of Copenhagen, Risager's meteoric rise has rarely allowed him the time to look back over his shoulder. Instead, for this critically acclaimed songwriter, once-in-a-generation singer, expressive guitarist, and bandleader of the mighty Black Tornado, it has been a career with his eyes fixed on the horizon, the next town, the next show, the next song, the next album. But some milestones demand a moment's reflection, and the compilation is a rare pitstop for a lifelong road warrior.

"I can't believe that it's been 20 years since we started on this great journey," says Risager, as he looks back on a career that has seen him storm the prestigious European and British Blues Awards, take the music to over 20 countries and held his own on stages with legends like Buddy Guy. "We're so thrilled to celebrate our anniversary with this collection of songs from the last two decades.”

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"Same Old Lies – Part Un"


  1. Volume 1:
  2. 1. Rock N Roll Ride
  3. 2. Rhythms Of The Night
  4. 3. You Can Have It Your Way
  5. 4. Burning Up
  6. 5. Stand Beside Me
  7. 6. Love Turned Cold
  8. 7. Eyes That Turned Away
  9. 8. On My Way
  10. 9. You Better Pay Attention
  11. 10. You Walked Right In To My Heart
  12. 11. I Won't Let You Down
  13. 12. In The Back Of My Mind
  14. 13. Heart Of The Night
  15. 14. All I Want
  16. 15. Ain't Ever Gonna Leave No More
  17. Volume 2:
  18. 1. If You Wanna Leave
  19. 2. Last Train
  20. 3. Paradise
  21. 4. I Used To Love You
  22. 5. Hold My Lover Tight
  23. 6. China Gate
  24. 7. Never Givin In
  25. 8. Dreamland
  26. 9. Too Many Roads
  27. 10. Baby Please Don't Go
  28. 11. Through The Tears
  29. 12. Maybe It's Alright
  30. 13. Long Forgotten Track
  31. 14. Come On In
  32. 15. Long Forgotten Track
  33. 16. High Rolling
  34. 17. Same Old Lies – Part Un
  35. 18. Same Old Lies – Part Deux

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