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This Wild Life

This Wild Life - Petaluma

This Wild Life have only been around since 2010 but they’ve already had multiple lives. The duo of Kevin Jordan and Anthony Del Grosso met as outcast drummers in Long Beach, California, and eventually formed a well-received punk act. Their 2014 Epitaph Records debut album Clouded saw them transitioning from stage dives to sing-alongs, and their follow up album, 2016’s Low Tides, showed the duo taking their songwriting to the next level. For Petaluma, “Listen to it loud with the windows down, on Sunday mornings, or throw on some headphones and find some comfort in its escape.”

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"Catie Rae"


  1. 1. Figure It Out
  2. 2. Headfirst
  3. 3. Catie Rae
  4. 4. Positively Negative
  5. 5. Westside
  6. 6. Hold You Here
  7. 7. Come Back Down
  8. 8. College Kids
  9. 9. Never Believe
  10. 10. No Need For Novocaine

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