New Releases For July 31, 2012


Thenewno2 - Thefearofmissingout

Thenewno2's second full-length album, thefearofmissingout was produced by pHd, the moniker for band members and Grammy Award winners, Dhani Harrison and Paul Hicks. Following their debut album You Are Here (2009), primarily written and recorded by Harrison, thefearofmissingout is the first recording as a band featuring Harrison, Hicks, Jonathan Sadoff, Jeremy Faccone, Nick Fyffe and Frank Zummo.

Employing a combination of live and programmed instruments and adding in obscure samples to create an intricate collage of electronica sounds, the sonic textures in thefearofmissingout were enhanced by Harrison as well as guest vocalists RZA, Ben Harper, the Black Knights, Throunn Antonia (Fields, Beck's Record Club) and Holly Marilyn (the Child).

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"Make It Home"


  1. 1. Station (Featuring Holly Marilyn)
  2. 2. Wide Awake
  3. 3. Timezone
  4. 4. I Won't Go
  5. 5. Hanging On (Featuring Thorunn Antonia)
  6. 6. Looking Beyond
  7. 7. thewaitaround (Featuring RZA and The Black Knights)
  8. 8. Staring Out To Sea (Featuring Ben Harper and Thorunn Antonia)
  9. 9. Make It Home
  10. 10. The Number (Featuring Thorunn Antonia)