New Releases For September 11, 2012

The xx

The xx - Coexist

The xx exist in a time and space of their own making. In 2009 the South London trio's debut album xx, quietly made at night over the course of two years, bled steadily into the public consciousness to become shorthand for newly refined ideas of teenage desire and anxiety. Three years later, Romy Madley Croft, Oliver Sim and Jamie Smith are back with a new album, Coexist, and a new perspective. Where xx lent in close to whisper in your ear, Coexist gazes warmly in your eyes. Much has happened to lead to this point: most pertinently, they've grown up.

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  1. 1. Angels
  2. 2. Chained
  3. 3. Fiction
  4. 4. Try
  5. 5. Reunion
  6. 6. Sunset
  7. 7. Missing
  8. 8. Tides
  9. 9. Unfold
  10. 10. Swept Away
  11. 11. Our Song