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The Willis Clan
Speak My Mind

The Willis Clan - Speak My Mind

Over the course of the 12 emotionally hard-hitting tracks on the album, the Willis Clan – Jair, Jenny McDowell, Jeanette Piatt, Jackson, Jedi and Jasmine – paints an intimate portrait of a family individually and collectively confronting and finding their ways through the darkest and most harrowing of circumstances. The Willis Clan does so through music and lyrics as a means of processing and healing from a tragedy that nearly stopped the siblings’ meteoric career in its tracks. “We know there’s a long way to go, but we’re excited to share Speak My Mind as the first step of our journey back to us.”

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"Speak My Mind"


  1. 1. What Life’s About
  2. 2. The Line
  3. 3. Speak My Mind
  4. 4. Paper Dolls
  5. 5. Is There More
  6. 6. Set Me Free
  7. 7. How Much Of Me Is You
  8. 8. I Choose Life
  9. 9. Level
  10. 10. Pull You Down
  11. 11. Give
  12. 12. Ring Of Fire