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The White Buffalo
Darkest Darks, Lightest Lights

The White Buffalo - Darkest Darks, Lightest Lights

Since releasing his first album in 2002, Jake Smith has explored the grey area between genres, carving out a sound rooted in dark folk, countrified soul, cinematic storytelling and roadhouse-worthy rock. He keeps things unclassifiable on The White Buffalo’s sixth album, the most hard-hitting, electrified album of his career. Many of these tunes explore the gloomy, dangerous corners of America, spinning stories of sinners, crooks, bad decisions and broken hearts.

TAGS: Americana | Rock

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  1. 1. Hide And Seek
  2. 2. Avalon
  3. 3. Robbery
  4. 4. The Observatory
  5. 5. Madam’s Soft, Madam’s Sweet
  6. 6. Nightstalker Blues
  7. 7. If I Lost My Eyes
  8. 8. Border Town / Bury Me In Baja
  9. 9. The Heart And Soul Of The Night
  10. 10. I Am The Moon

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