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The Whistles & The Bells
The Whistles & The Bells

The Whistles & The Bells - The Whistles & The Bells

Bryan Simpson's career has seen him work with musicians such as Dan Auerbach, Ricky Skaggs and the thundering herd that is the Mumford and Sons. The Whistles and the Bells is the autobiographical snapshot of Bryan's personal earthquake surrounding the education of studying his Creator.

'These songs, birthed out of that proverbial kiln, and held thru the stained glass filter that is the engineering work of Vance Powell' says Bryan 'when I was chopping my Harmony mandolin and sawing my great uncle's Verben's fiddle to Bill Monroe and Country Gazette LPs while chasing it with the more unnerving energy of Nirvana's Nevermind or Pearl Jam's Ten.

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"Mercy Please"


  1. 1. Mercy Please
  2. 2. Transistor Resistor
  3. 3. Ghost Town
  4. 4. Canary Cage!
  5. 5. Two Elephants
  6. 6. Skeletons
  7. 7. Ghetto Gold!
  8. 8. Cosmic Torpedoes
  9. 9. Last Night God Sang Me A Song
  10. 10. Love In A Minor Key
  11. 11. Bad Superheroes
  12. 12. Shadow Of Death

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