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The Waymaker
The Waymaker

The Waymaker - The Waymaker

The Waymaker delivers bombastic Scandinavian melodic metal with virtuous guitar playing and powerful male and female vocals from all members, as Christian, Katja as Jani share lead vocal duties on their self-titled debut. Included on the album is their version of Stryper’s classic metal song “Soldiers Under Command” from 1985 where you hear guitarwork from Jani Stefanovic and Narnia’s axeman, CJ Grimmark. On the drums we find Alfred Fridhagen, a powerhouse metal drummer who has played in ReinXeed and Golden Resurrection.

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"The Waymaker"


  1. 1. The Waymaker
  2. 2. Kingdom Of Heaven
  3. 3. Soldiers Under Command (Stryper Cover)
  4. 4. Marching On
  5. 5. The Name Above All Names
  6. 6. The Rain Of Your Love
  7. 7. I Am Sustained
  8. 8. See The New Generation