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The Very Best
Makes A King (Vinyl)

The Very Best - Makes A King (Vinyl)

It's been a long, strange trip for Johan Hugo and Esau Mwamwaya, the Swedish-Malawian duo behind The Very Best's exuberant global pop, which crosses continents as well as musical genres. It's also a trip, according to Johan, with no end in sight. "We're constantly evolving," he says with a laugh. “This time we really wanted to make a record that could be played by a band," says Johan. Wanting to get away from big city life, Makes A King was recorded in a small village; 5-hour drive from Malawi’s capital Lilongwe and features local artists and musicians.

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"Let Go"


  1. 1. Nkhondo
  2. 2. Hear Me
  3. 3. Let Go
  4. 4. Guju Guju
  5. 5. Bilmankwe (Featuring Jerere)
  6. 6. Sweka
  7. 7. Mwana Wanga
  8. 8. Mariana (Featuring Seye)
  9. 9. The Dead And The Dreaming (Featuring Seye)
  10. 10. Kanyale
  11. 11. Umasiye (Featuring Baaba Maal)
  12. 12. Uhumu
  13. 13. Makes A King (Featuring Jutty Taylor)

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