New Releases For December 2, 2016

The Trouble With Templeton
Someday, Buddy

The Trouble With Templeton - Someday, Buddy

Someday, Buddy goes a step further from the band’s debut, Rookie, to a tighter take on TTWT’s melodic alt-rock. As singer Thomas Calder puts it, “We made a conscious decision to challenge ourselves to focus on minimal instrumentation and production in the recording process to place more emphasis on the song-writing.” The songs take the emphasis, no trouble. TTWT weren’t slouching on Rookie, where they wedded vibrant melodies and alt-rock flavors – jangly, glam – into a cogent core. But on Someday, Buddy, their personality emerges sharper. “Our goal was to make a record that is raw, bare and honest,” says Calder.

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"Bad Mistake"


  1. 1. Sailor
  2. 2. Heavy Trouble
  3. 3. Bad Mistake
  4. 4. Complex Lips
  5. 5. Vernon
  6. 6. I Want Love
  7. 7. Double Life
  8. 8. 1832
  9. 9. Sturdy Boy