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The String Cheese Incident
Song In My Head

The String Cheese Incident - Song In My Head

Nine years after their last official studio release, the String Cheese Incident have returned to the studio in their hometown of Boulder, Colorado and emerged with their strongest album to-date.

For their fifth studio effort, SCI enlisted the help of producer Jerry Harrison (Talking Heads). The result contains 10 road-tested fan favorites and finds the band hitting a new creative stride. The album marks The String Cheese Incident's 20th anniversary as a band.

'The coolest part of this album is that, in the end, it really sounds like us - maybe more so than any of the other albums that we've done.' - Bill Nershi

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"Song In My Head"


  1. 1. Colorado Bluebird Sky Featuring Zac Brown Band
  2. 2. Betray the Dark
  3. 3. Let's Go Outside
  4. 4. Song In My Head
  5. 5. Struggling Angel
  6. 6. Can't Wait Another Day
  7. 7. So Far From Home
  8. 8. Rosie
  9. 9. Stay Through
  10. 10. Colliding