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The Sneetches
Form Of Play: A Retrospective

The Sneetches - Form Of Play: A Retrospective

Omnivore is proud to present the first-ever career overview of ’80s/’90s alt-pop mavericks the Sneetches. Form Of Play: A Retrospective is a compendium of the best moments from this Anglo-American outfit's three albums and various singles and compilation appearances. The Sneetches were formed in San Francisco in 1985 by Mike Levy and Matt Carges, punk veterans who now preferred to indulge their love of pop and melody, initially as a studio project. With the addition of Englishmen Daniel Swan (in 1986) and Alec Palao (in 1988), the line-up was complete and began to play around the Bay Area.

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"…And I’m Thinking (Single Version)"


  1. 1. Over ‘Round Each Other
  2. 2. …And I’m Thinking (Single Version)
  3. 3. What I Know
  4. 4. Voice In My Head
  5. 5. Don’t Turn Back
  6. 6. Only For A Moment
  7. 7. Heloise (Live)*
  8. 8. What’s In Your Mind
  9. 9. Julianna Why*
  10. 10. They Keep Me Running
  11. 11. LA/Behind The Shadow
  12. 12. Take My Hand
  13. 13. Looking For Something
  14. 14. A Good Thing
  15. 15. I Don’t Expect Her For You (Look At That Girl)
  16. 16. Wish You Would
  17. 17. Empty Sea
  18. 18. Let Us Go
  19. 19. Unusual Sounds
  20. 20. A Light On Above (Live)*
  21. 21. The Weather Scene (Live)*
  22. 22. How Does It Feel (Home Demo)*
  23. *Previous Unreleased