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The CBS Tapes

The Rubinoos - The CBS Tapes

Recorded at CBS Studios in San Francisco in 1976, before the Rubinoos were signed to the legendary Beserkley Records, The CBS Tapes captures the band as the scrappy, bratty kids they were. It also shows the huge talent and energy of a young band near the beginning of their career, who believed they were unstoppable. This never before released recording is the perfect way to kick off the band's 50th anniversary celebration. Songs performed include Jonathan Richman's "Government Center," "The Pepsi Generation" commercial jingle, and several Rubinoos originals.

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"I Want Her So Bad"


  1. 1. All Excited
  2. 2. Sugar Sugar
  3. 3. Memphis Soul Stew/Pepsi Generation
  4. 4. I Want Her So Bad
  5. 5. Nooshna Kavolta
  6. 6. She Loves You
  7. 7. Walk Don’t Run
  8. 8. Heartbeat It’s A Lovebeat
  9. 9. I Want To Hold Your Hand
  10. 10. Cissy Strut
  11. 11. Government Center

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