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The Royal Panics
The Royal Panics

The Royal Panics - The Royal Panics

This west coast retro rock punk trio with singer Greg Hoy writes “clear-eyed rock fueled by straight-up melodicism” (Time Out NY): it’s as if ‘The Kinks made a record today” (Mister Art), and they like to remind you that “AC/DC and Black Flag essentially both started with dirtbags who like loud amps” (The Deli Magazine).

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"Sucker Of The Century"


  1. 1. Sucker Of The Century
  2. 2. Every Little Thing
  3. 3. I Swam To An Island
  4. 4. Anti Anti Machine
  5. 5. Girls Of NYC
  6. 6. Green Was The Color
  7. 7. New Years Blues
  8. 8. Book V Movie
  9. 9. Best Part Of You
  10. 10. PBR (Pretentious Bearded Radical)
  11. 11. A Special Party